Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What am I?

Hey there! I've been putting up bouldering vlogs on youtube for a while now, and I figured it was time to get to some explanations of what's going on out there. I'll occasionally pepper in some stuff about music and mathematics, which are my other major time fillers. Here's an OLD video with some silly Southern Illinois and Horse Pens bouldering. The HP40 stuff is Moms (V2) onsight, Swirly (V4) onsight, Beach (V4) flash, and Green Lantern (V4) onsight.

Not on the video:

Hammerhead (V5) I was close to sending it, and had pretty much given up. It was painful and not much fun at that point. But then Nancy, my then girlfriend, sent it... So of course I got it next go. No matter how much I try to not be competetive, it just happens.

Wasteland (V5) This was rated V7 when I sent it, but it really didn't feel hard at all. I got it third try. I think it's cuz I'm tall. What's rad is how bad the slopers look on the lip, but how good they feel.

I also sent Crisifix (V4), which was then rated V5. It also felt soft for the grade. I typically think downgrading stems from egos, but in both of these cases, I felt like the new grades are more accurate.

The music is of course, poopdeth. Sorry for the bad quality. We recorded in my basement.

Old Video

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